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Feel the need to get away or enjoy a small initimate wedding ceremony?

An elopment or micro wedding ceremony might be just what you need.

Image by Dmitry Schemelev

Whether you have 5, 20 or 100 or more guests, your wedding day is your day.

You may like to share your special day in a more initimate setting with close family or friends.

I can do an elopement ceremony with you, two witnesses and myself.

Get you married then have a party later.

Or enjoy the closeness of a micro wedding with just your family and close friends.

Normally with less than 30 guests a micro wedding is a beautiful setting to share this most special of days.

No matter which you decide to do, each ceremony is conducted in the same way as a "standard" wedding ceremony.  The Notice of Intended Marriage must be signed at least one month before the ceremony and the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marry must be signed.


Your love story if you choose to have this, vows, legals, signing and declaration remain the same.

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