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Frequently Asked

What documents do I need to provide to get married?

To complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), I need to see your birth certificate, driver's license or passport or another official form of photo ID.  I will complete the NOIM using this information and we will arrange a meeting for the NOIM to be signed.


How soon can we get married?

Once the NOIM has been completed, signed and lodged with me, you are able to marry one month from the lodgement date.  The NOIM is valid for up to 18 months.


What type of ceremonies do you do?

I love weddings!   I conduct wedding ceremonies of all types:  traditional, modern, micro, elopements.  I also conduct vow renewals and commitment ceremonies.


What do your packages include?

My packages include all legal paperwork completed by me, creating your ceremony script (in liaison with you), a rehearsal time at your venue, conducting your ceremony, lodging of all paperwork to register your marriage.  We are in constant contact to create your ceremony.  I am available any time by email.


Where do you perform ceremonies?

Anywhere within Australia!  You choose your venue, I'll be there.  Where applicable, travel fees may apply.


Are we included in the preparation of our ceremony?

Yes absolutely.  Your wedding day is all about you.  I will do my best to make your dream day come true.  We will work together to create your wedding love story.  We have an initial meeting to discuss your vision and the prepare the legal paperwork.  We can then have a follow up meeting if you wish to work on your ceremony, however as I know you are busy we can do all this by  email and text messaging.

I will create a draft ceremony for you and email that to you.  Then we go from there until you have what you want.


I plan to change my name. Do you submit the paperwork so I can do that?

Yes, once the ceremony is completed I will submit the marriage paperwork to Births, Deaths & Marriages.  Once registered, I will email you with the confirmation lodgement number.  This is the number you will need when applying for your official marriage certificate.  If you plan to change your name, you will need the official marriage certificate.  The ceremonial certificate you receive on the day is not able to be used for name changing.


Will you help us write our own vows?

Absolutely!  I'm here to help you all the way.  I have information sheets that I will give you with advice and samples for writing your vows.


Can I include items to make our ceremony more personal?

You definitely can.  Your wedding ceremony should be personalised to reflect you both.  I encourage you to include any personal memories, items or inside jokes between the two of you.  I'll help you intertwine these into your ceremony.


What happens if you are sick or unable to conduct our ceremony?

Your wedding day is my priority.  I will make every attempt to be there no matter what.  However in the event that I am too ill or an unforeseen accident happens, I have a strong network of celebrants who will step in to assist.   In the unlikely event that I am unable to conduct the ceremony, it will be my complete responsibility to find another celebrant for you.


What happens on the day?

I will arrive 1 hour before the ceremony start time.  I ask for the Groom and party to arrive 30 minutes before.  I will have the PA system set up, signing table in place, Groom and party organised.   Once the Bride and party arrive, they will make their way down the aisle.  I will give you both a few moments to share with each other, settle nerves, then commence the ceremony.

I will be with you all the way during the ceremony.  I will provide prompts and instructions - you won't be left unsure of what to do.

During the ceremony we will need to sign the official paperwork.  Depending on the set up of the venue, I will either arrange for the table to be brought to you or we will move to the side to the table.  I will instruct you on this.

Once paperwork is signed, we will return to the front to complete the ceremony then send you on your way into the sunset as a newly married couple!


How many witnesses do we need?

You must have two witnesses, both aged over 18.  They can be anyone you wish to have.  This is a nice opportunity to include a special person in your ceremony.


We'd love to have a surprise wedding.  Can you do that?

Yes I definitely can.  A surprise wedding is always lovely for the guests.  It is important (and legal) that both parties involved in the surprise wedding are fully aware that they will be getting married.   It is illegal to perform a surprise wedding where one party doesn't know they will be getting married.


How long does the ceremony last?

Your ceremony is created according to what you want.  It can be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, but usually the ceremony is approximately 20 minutes.


Which name do I sign with on the documents?

You sign with your current legal name.


Who can give me away?

Anyone!   This is a special day for both of you and traditionally your father or an important male family member would give the Bride away.   Modern weddings, it can be anyone who is special to you.  You can have your mum and/or dad, or anyone who is special to you.


Can we play our favourite songs at the wedding ceremony?

Yes you can, the music is completely your choice.  You will need three pieces:  one for the processional, one for the signing and one for the recessional.  You can compile your list in Spotify and share the list with me or put the songs onto a USB.


What are your fees and what do they include?

My fees for all legal wedding ceremonies are $695.   For vow renewals and commitment ceremonies the fee is $395.   This fee includes:

  • Initial meeting and preparation of NOIM for signing

  • Preparation of your ceremony script and choreography

  • Access to communication via email or text message  whenever you need

  • Constant contact and updates on any information relating to your ceremony

  • Supply of professional PA and microphone equipment

  • Rehearsal of your ceremony at your venue or alternative venue as required

  • Exclusive booking of my services for your day. I don't book multiple weddings on the same day

  • Delivery of your ceremony and lodgement of legal documents to register your marriage

  • Follow up correspondence with your registration number


Should we have a rehearsal?

Yes I highly recommend having a rehearsal, preferably at your ceremony venue.  If you can't have all your bridal party in attendance, please at least have your head bridesmaid and best man in attendance.

At the rehearsal we will run through the ceremony with music and I will explain where you stand and how your bridal party are arranged.  We can run through a couple of times or more if you need to.  

Having a rehearsal will help to alleviate any nerves on the day as you will have an idea of how the ceremony will run.


What will you wear for our ceremony?

I will dress professionally for your ceremony in clothing that won't clash with your bridal party.  I will have a discussion with you about colours and dress styles that your bridal party are wearing.


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes I do.  I can travel and perform wedding ceremonies anywhere within Australia.   If your ceremony is outside the Illawarra area (NSW), there may be additional travel charges.


Do you do more than one wedding a day?

No I don't.  My fee guarantees that you will be my only wedding booked on that day.


Do I have to be an Australian citizen to marry in Australia?

You do not have to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to get married in Australia.  To get married in any state or territory in Australia,  you must:

  • not be already married

  • not be marrying an immediate family member

  • be able to understand what marriage means and freely give your consent to marry


We got married overseas.  Can we get married again in Australia?

Overseas marriages cannot be registered in Australia. However, the marriage will usually be legally recognised in Australia, if:

  • it’s legally recognised in the country you were married

  • it would be considered legal if the marriage had taken place in Australia


You're a cake decorator too!!!   Will you make our wedding cake as well???

Yes I would be happy to make your wedding cake as well as marry you!  I have been a professional cake decorator for 18 years.

My cake service is separate to my celebrant services.  You can have one or the other or both.  There's no  obligation for either of my services.  You can use one without the other.


How do we design our wedding cake?

You can email me any pictures of cakes that you like.  I will need to know how many guests you will be having and whether your cake will be your dessert or served with tea/coffee.  With this information I can work out the quote for you.  I will give you a list of cake flavours you can choose from.  


I have a question that I can't see here...

If you have any other questions, please email me at

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